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Bioidentical Hormones

Our hormones are 'chemical messengers' that over time can become out of balance due to a number of factors. These include lifestyle factors such as physical and emotional stressors, a less-than-perfect diet, environmental toxins like pesticides just to name a few.

Sleep is no longer restful. You need two cups of coffee or sugar to keep going. Your moods become less patient and little depressive. You notice a little acne and few facial hairs that shouldn't be there. Pounds are creeping up on you. Sex isn't so exciting. PMS and irregular period accompanied by breast tenderness about mid-cycle, ending in heavy painful menstrual flow. How can you end all of this? Start putting yourself back to hormonal balance!

Accurately Test Your Hormones

We will offer you a saliva testing kit. This way is the best method to get the pure amount of active hormones measured. The salivary glands act as a filter keeping the big inactive hormones out, allowing in small active hormones. We need to know the level of hormones in your tissue. Blood results can't due that. Blood vessels are tubes carrying the hormones outside of the tissue.

Your saliva samples will be sent to a lab back with results. The lab we use is Diagnos Tech Labs. It was the first testing facility in the USA to do saliva hormone levels. They have become the largest in the world doing millions studies a year with about 10,000 physicians direct their patient's samples.

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Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-Identical Hormones have been used world wide by thousands of responsible, licensed practitioners for the last 45 years.

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The Hormone Health Diet

Diet plays a major role in both preventing breast cancer, prostate cancer and other hormone related cancers. Certainly, according to the World Health Organization and the National Academy of Sciences, 75% of all cancers are diet-related.

The National Cancer Institute of the United States recently stated that 70% of all breast cancer deaths are avoidable through dietary change. There is a tremendous amount of research, showing that diet impacts breast cancer.

Red meat is a definite a risk factor for developing breast cancer. The exception to this is of the animals one bred - range and hormone free.

The British Journal of Cancer (2007) studied nearly 34,000 women. Those who ate 2oz of red meat a day had a 56% increased risk of breast cancer, and those who ate the most processed meat had a 64% greater risk.

Also, bovine growth hormones (BGH), known as zeranol or Ralgro, have been added to our meat supply since about the 1950s. We see a parallel rise in breast cancer in this country and other countries that allow those hormones.

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Hormone Imbalance & Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance, also known as Syndrome X, refers to the failure of the tissues to respond to insulin and allow glucose uptake for energy production. Insulin is produced in the pancreas and is responsible for carrying glucose from the bloodstream into our cells where it is used for fuel.

Good health and energy depends upon our body's ability to make and use just the right amount of insulin. To keep our blood sugar at optimal levels and our metabolism working normally, every cell of the body has insulin receptor sites. These sites allow insulin to accept glucose from entering the cell.

Occasionally our bodies will build up too much glucose from over consumption of sugar and carbohydrates. Thus, the receptor sites simply won't accept anymore. They are loosing the ability to respond to an overload of insulin. Then blood levels of insulin stay high and the condition of insulin resistance develops. More and more insulin is poured out because of high sugar in the blood. Eventually if neither the body tissues or the pancreas can keep up with the blood sugar load - Diabetes results.

In general, insulin and blood sugar levels stay normal on a diet of unrefined whole foods. Such as complex carbohydrates like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, processed foods trigger a rush of insulin. Examples of processed foods are alcohol, sweets such as cookies, baked goods, candy, sweet drinks and white bread. People with poor diets and low exercise often develop insulin resistance.

During peri-menopause, hormonal changes occur. There is a tendency toward decrease of total muscle mass and increased body fat, regardless of body weight. This sets the stage for insulin resistance. Including a host of health and hormonal problems associated with it. In fact a diet high in refined carbohydrates makes all peri-menopausal problems worse, because of its adverse effect on hormone balance. These elevated insulin levels and abnormal hormones, are also responsible for sugar cravings, facial hair, scalp hair loss and acne.

Together we can prevent and treat your insulin resistance, though our holistic approach.

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