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Are Hidden Food Sensitivities Making You Sick??

Hippocrates said "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food". Our food nourishes, delights, protects and heals us. That's as nature intended it to be, right? Well, sometimes, due to a variety of factors, ranging from environmental toxins, consuming too much of the wrong foods, genetics , gastrointestinal imbalance, or other reasons,the foods that were intended to bless our cells with all good things can make us sick. We have almost the same biochemical make-up we had back in the Stone Age, but our diets are now radically different! For example, our diets today contain many processed and altered foods that introduce unnatural substances into our bodies, foods our bodies may not be designed for. Additionally, the level of nutrients is often inadequate to support proper liver detoxification,to neutralize the toxins we are exposed to in our diets.

The immune system is a double-edged sword. It is designed to protect us from infection and other foreign "invaders" when confronted by harmful substances. The most common cells of our "innate" immune system are cells called neutrophils. Neutrophils destroy pathogens (bacteria, viruses) by releasing very powerful enzymes, and releasing oxygen and nitrogen. They do their job, and the system gets "turned off". That's the good news! The bad news, is that for some folks, common foods , chemicals, molds, etc. trigger a "chronic" activation of the immune system. In other words, the cellular process of releasing chemicals that cause inflammation, stays "turned on" damaging the "host" tissues as well. Not good news at all . Chronic activation of the immune system can cause inflammation and tissue damage.

If you have food sensitivities you may not be able to tolerate some of the foods you are eating, even if they are generally "healthy" foods. For example, I was shocked to learn I had a severe intolerance to "healthy " foods I enjoyed regularly like spinach, oats and carrots!! So you can see it is important to find out what foods YOUR body needs.

So how do you know if you might have food sensitivities? If you aren't feeling your best physically or mentally, you might have food sensitivities. If you just don't feel well and you've been told everything looks fine on your tests, consider food sensitivities. Food sensitivities or "intolerances" are much more common than food "allergies", and, unlike allergies , most people are unaware they have them.

Some of the common health concerns shown to be related to food sensitivities are listed below. However, almost any ailment can be caused by food intolerance.

Digestive disorders like IBS, diarrhea, constipation
Weight gain or inability to lose weight
Skin disorders like acne, eczema
Musculoskeletal problems like arthritis/joint pains and aches
Auto-immune problems
Food cravings

OK, so how do you know if you have food sensitivities? Well, you could try an elimination diet, that is, for example, if you suspect a particular food, you can eliminate it for a period of time, say 3 months. If you feel significantly better, that's fabulous-and you can re-introduce the food at a rate of no more than every 4 days to prevent recurring problems with that food. Some people have been successful at doing this with for example dairy or wheat.

Unfortunately, for most people, it's not quite so simple. It would be impossible todo an elimination trial of all of the possible offending foods. (as in my example, I would NEVER have guessed the foods I am sensitive to, and would NEVER have eliminated them on my own without knowing!)

The best way to find out is to get tested. Fortunately, there is a simple blood test called the ALCAT . This test measures your body's cellular response to various food and chemical challenges.The ALCAT test is the most comprehensive food sensitivity test currently available, and demonstrates a high correlation with double-blind oral challenge which is the "gold standard" . A significant number of people also lost weight and/or noted improved body composition in a controlled study conducted at Baylor Medical College when following their personal food sensitivity plan and rotation diet plan.

At New Beginnings Healthcare, we offer personalized , Integrative, Holistic healthcare. We're here to help you achieve your best health, and , when possible strive to get to the root cause of your health challenges. We work with you to plan YOUR care with YOUR unique biochemistry in mind!

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